DIY Home Decoration Ideas!

Outside it’s getting colder and colder. X-Mas is waiting, the first wish lists for Santa are already written and everyone concentrates on living inside in a comfortable home now. Before the holiday season really starts and we are allowed to decorate our flats with sparkling angels and X-Mas baubles, it’s time for a little handcrafts to make our homes even more comfy. It’s raining again? Oh, I don’t care – I sit in my warm living room preparing a garland 🙂

Have a nice (and comfy) week everyone!

A garland made with sparkling leaves! Via 6th Street Design School.

Beautiful ideas to decorated stones! Va Handmade Charlotte.

Concrete Candle Holder! Via Funkytime.

A magazine rack! Via Design Sponge.

Hanging Planters! Via A Beautiful Mess.

A festive garland for the next party! Via DESIGNLOVEFEST.

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