40 Days of Dating!

Yeah right, today’s category is called Arts & Books and I’m writing about a blog that is about a dating experiment. BUT: To read a blog written in a diary form is totally comparable with reading a book. And the two persons involved in this dating project are designers – so, here comes the art part into the game ;). Okay, that may be a lame explanation but I just had to share this ingenious blog idea with you: 40 Days of Dating is a project by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman (aka the designers). Both are friends and singles for several years now. Jessica has the not the uncommon single girl behaviour of falling in love too fast and too deep. Timothy on the other side loves his single-life with all its advantages (meaning: the possibility of dating a lot of women) but realizes that he may have some commitment issues. Both of them decided to work on their individual problems by dating each other for forty days. The rules: They see each other every day, they will visit a couples therapist once a week, no other dates are allowed and the have to fill out a questionnaire about their day every night. I discovered the project myself only on Wednesday – with the result that I spent several hours reading their posts of the last 29 days. It simply is addictive to follow these two persons on their romantic, very honest and often nerve-wracking path. Crazy project? Yes, but crazily amazing!

I wish you a crazily good weekend!

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