Week One of Eating Sustainable: Berry Time!

Berry TimePics by Franzi.

The first week of the Monthly Challenge Sustainable Eating is over (with one planned week of delay due to all these wedding festivities lately). To my surprise, it was quite easy to get local, seasonal and healthy food. I just had to go into our allotment garden where – thanks to this phenomenal season – I found gooseberries, black and red currants and red and white (!) raspberries ripe and ready for the transport home into my kitchen. And look what I made with them…

Berry Time IRaspberry Milkshake:

Mix a handfull raspberries with one glass milk and 2 TblSps elderflower syrup with a blender.

Very Berry Yoghurt:

Put a handful of fresh mixed berries in a glass, top with natural yoghurt and – if you have a sweet tooth like me – with a TSp of cane sugar.

Super Berry Cereal:

Simply mix your normal cereals with the berries you like most. Top with milk or yoghurt.


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