What I’m Reading Right Now…

It’s time for another book post – otherwise I have to eliminate the „Books“ from my Arts and Books category ;). So I’d like to show you the two books I am currently reading:

The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

I grabbed this crime novel in a panick attack at the Hamburg main station two weeks ago when I realised that I finished the book I took with me already at the first part of my journey and there were still two long train rides awaiting me. I didn’t really bother what it is about, I just wanted to read a crime novel, checked the bestseller list …. and bought it. This resulted in one of the best spontaneous purchases I ever made. It is written in an intelligent way that reminds me of television crime series, but with more self-reflection of the leading character. Until now, it is thrilling and unforeseeable … exactly what I expect of a good crime novel. I will not tell you what the plot is about – I didn’t knew it either when I started reading it. So, go and try it out yourself 😉 .

How much is enough? The Love of Money, and the Case for the good life. by Edward & Allen Skidelsky:

That’s the book I am currently reading in my literature circle. It analyzes the consequences of capitalism in a philosophical way and asks the big question of how much one needs to be lucky or to live a fulfilled life. How money is the big trigger in many life decisions and why we are still living in a capitalistic society, although many brilliant minds of the past (Keynes, Marx…) claimed that it is only a step further to a free society in which capital isn’t dominant anymore. Until now we are only in the third chapter, but it already led to a number of inspiring discussions, which makes it perfect for our little group.

What are you reading right now?

I wish you a perfect weekend with many lazy hours and a good book!

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