Red & Sweet Strawberry Time!

Due to the last few cool weeks the strawberries on my balcony and in our allotment still need some time until they are ready for harvest. But luckily there’s still the farmers market that offers us already beautiful red and sweet strawberries. Honestly, I believe that there’s nothing better than to eat a strawberry just as it is – the pure, ripe berry alone tastes like heaven. Nevertheless, there are so many delicious looking recipes with strawberries out there: …Strawberry Pizza, yes please! Strawberry Crostini, yes please! Strawberry Biscuits, yes please!

Do you still remember last year’s strawberry posts? Lovely Strawberry Season Pt. 1 & Lovely Strawberry Season Pt. 2 !

Strawberry Pot Pie via Food52.

Strawberry Crostini via life as a strawberry.

Strawberry & Cream Biscuits via Smitten Kitchen.

Strawberry Gazpacho via Food52.

Strawberry Balsamic Breakfast Cake via Food52.

Strawberry Pizza via annie’s eats.

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