SurfLand by Joni Sternbach!

The sun is shining already for three days in a row now! Maybe this means that summer REALLY is arriving. What are your plans for the hot months? I didn’t plan any holidays, yet. But the first thing that comes into my mind when I think about spending my leisure time during the hot months are beaches (…okay, maybe the first thing would be „music festivals“ to be totally honest, but „beaches“ comes straight afterwards). Beaches filled with happy looking people and surfer boys and girls, enjoying the cool waves. New York based artist Joni Sternbach also seems to spend a lot of her time at such places. Her photo series SurfLand depicts surfers on the US and the Australian coasts by using the historic wet-plate collodion process (which demands to be prepared and developed right on the location). The atmosphere in this pics is sensational – I love the play between the light and the skins of the surfers as well as the timeless appearance of the photos. …Those pics make me nearly believe that an endless summer is awaiting us!

I wish you all a first summery weekend, full of holiday dreaming and planning!

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