What I’m Reading Right Now: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes!

I am writing too seldom about the books I’m reading on My so-called Luck. But today I would like to recommend you the book I carry currently in my bag to use every opportunity to read it further: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It’s what is called a classic chick-lit novel, but with great depth. It’s funny and sad, interesting written (sometimes the narrator perspective changes for one chapter, which is giving you another point of view on the development) and deals with the topics of life. In short it’s about a girl who has to take a job as a carer for a quadriplegic guy. Both their worlds collide and their lives are changed in various ways. The story deals with the topic of love and the question of why we love someone and what love can endure. It’s about life and the question what you do with it and what it is worth. It is about big decisions, the meaning of family and friendship and what one would do for someone who is important to you. In the end it is simply about taking life and love just the way it is and dealing with its consequences.

A totally must-read!

I wish you all a lively and lovely weekend!

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