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soul matesPic by Franzi. Quote taken from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love.

It’s Saturday night 11.35 p.m. and I will finally write about soul mates. I started to write about this topic already several times now, and then I realized how difficult it is not to sound cheesy and I decided to write about other things first and give myself a bit more time of procrastination. Until tonight…

Do you believe in soul mates? I certainly do. Not because I’m an esoteric kind of girl – I only believe in soul mates because I know mine. And what do you expect when you finally are lucky enough to meet your soul mate? Yes indeed, the one sentence that comes into ones mind as answer to this question is, „And they lived happily ever after.“. But let’s be honest tonight. Soul mates are not strictly a catalyst to pure happiness. And I am very sure my own soul mate is not gonna like the next sentence: We met and it was hell, then we both only survived because there were years we just went on with our lives knowing the other part was there but always being cautious to keep a security distance between us, and finally we somehow found an arrangement to go on with each other – at least at a certain level. That’s what soul mates really are. They turn your world upside-down, you don’t know what is happening and in the end nothing is like it was before. And you are asking yourself the whole time: „Why the f*** did I meet this person at all?“. The answer is simple and hard – the soul mate shows you the essence of yourself, you will learn everything about your weaknesses (and sometimes about your strengths) – you will learn things about yourself you never thought would be there. You will grow and turn out as a person who has already fought one of the hardest fights ever. You will be you.

Today I’m happy that I have met him. I don’t regret anything. Nowadays we are something close to friendship and are happy with both of our lives. In the past few years I often thought about the possibility that there might be even more than one soul mate out there for all of us. Maybe the Illusion was one – I grew up a lot during the time with him in my life. One never knows…

I had a lot of conversations about this topic during the last years. The one wonderful occasion I remember the most is when I met the friend of a friend last summer at a BBQ the first time ever.

Me: „Hi, I’m Franzi.“

S.: „Hi, I know – you’re the one who believes in soul mates. Me too.“

At this time point S. and her soul mate already decided that a live apart was the better solution than to be together. I seldom heard someone speak with more sympathy and empathy about another person than S. when she spoke about her soul mate. And isn’t it nice to know that wherever you will be and whatever you will do there always will be someone out there who understands you and feels with you? I don’t believe something like this would last for very long if you would spent your everyday life together. Something like this is only possible with your soul mate, who is hopefully somewhere near you – but hopefully not too near you.

I wish you all a wonderful new week – with all the people who bring you further!

Dedicated to the one who certainly knows all the stuff I wrote about above.

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1 Kommentar zu „About Soul Mates…“

  1. Hey Franzi,
    I was really curious to read about your soul mates, as I’ve never felt I met him/her myself?
    So there are two things I wonder about:
    First of all – do you think the soul mate has necessarily to be a member of the other sex?
    And why do so many people feel they’ve met their soul mate – or some even claim to have several soul mates – if there’s as you say only ONE soul mate in the world? How likely is it to meet him or her?!

    Anyway, I think you’re right, it helps a lot to see -and most importantly recognize- in others what we don’t like about ourselves. But I wonder if it really makes us change to a „better“ or just changes our perception towards our own flaws. And in the end we part from the one who is so much like us and hasn’t changed at all and we ourselves neither?
    Maybe the aspect of having someone helping you to recognize your own strength is even more important, as this is something we can make use of. And in the end you might even learn to tolerate your own weaknesses, but why then wouldn’t you tolerate them in others?

    Oh boy – this rather turned out to be a discussion between myself and me 🙂 – I’m looking forward to your reply though.

    Have a nice weekend!

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