Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann!

As a kid I didn’t like to go anywhere by car. I didn’t like cars very much in general – and somehow that’s still the case (although I have to admit that they are very convinient). But there was always one exception: Driving home during the night – on the city roads together with a million other blinking cars, looking with tired eyes outside through the car window to see the misty big city lights. It always felt safe and comfy and a bit mystical at the same time. I loved these car rides … and still do. Maybe that’s the explanation for me staring at Jeremy Mann’s Cityscape oil paintings for several hours now. They are exactly resembling these night drive feelings of mine and the longer I look at them, the more blinking lights I see and the whole picture feels even more real. It is very seldom that I find myself lost in a painting. And these are a lot of paintings depicting the sound of a city in a fantastic way!

I wish you all a weekend to remember!

Via Colossal (again… go there and find a lot more inspirational stuff from the world of art!). Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details!


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  1. Impressive atmospheric pictures indeed!
    Funny how different childhood memories of driving home at night can be. That’s something you would never consider, the more interesting I find the memories you shared with us 🙂
    As I’m country-bred driving home at night usually took place in mere darkness, as there were not even any street lights around.

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