Indie Pop made in Germany: Talking Pets!

It’s snowing here in good old Osnabrück. Again, when will winter be finally over?! Okay, okay – I have to admit that everything looks beautiful right now and observing the birds on their hunt for food on my balcony is also fun (apparently they like the apples from the farmers market as much as I do). But a little mood lifter is still in order to get me over my ‚I-hate-winter‘ blues. Luckily, today I discovered Talking Pets – four guys from Munich (Germany) making indie pop music at its best. Their sound is soft and simple and fun – exactly what I needed. I love their song Asteroids, Circles describes just the situation I’m finally over with and Carolina is simple happiness. Thank you guys for rescuing at least one dreadful January day 🙂 !

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