Perfect Places Pt. 4: Those were my Summer Days!

Oh, how I love this Special Monday series! This time I would like to present you some of my very own Perfect Places I visited during the last months (…and with this post the summer season finally ends for the year 2012). There were a lot more interesting places and moments, but the here depicted ones are my favorites – because they contain a bunch of wonderful memories, or are related with special persons, or were just inspiring and unforgettable… Goodbye Summer of 2012 – it was a fantastic time!

What were the perfect places of your last months? Let me know!

Those were my Summer Days (click onto the pics to enlarge them)…

Always & forever: Hirschgarten (the place my grandparents are living and I grew up for a big part):

Pic by Franzi.

Dream Island Spiekeroog:

Pics by Franzi.

The whole year-long: Coffee meetings with Marie in the Lieblingscafé Osnabrück:

Pic by Franzi.

Hamburg + Dockville Festival  = Incredible Inspiring:

Pics by Nina.

A place full of memories & a phenomenal little festival – Reclaim the Pionierrepublik at the Werbellinsee near Berlin:Pics by Isa.

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For Mum.

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  1. Hey Franzi i love this post and this time i actually noticed the tiny sentence, good thinking. Loving the places and that some of them you experienced with me 😉 Hang in there and keep your lovely memories about these places in mind, xxx.

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