Perfect Places Pt. 3 … Summer Edition!

Perfect Places were never meant to be a series, but I just cannot withstand to dream myself away with all these beautiful locations and spots that are depicted around the web. Thus, here comes Part 3 – and I called it the Summer Edition, because after selecting my favorite pics for this post I realised that they all resemble the atmosphere of the hot months lying before us all!

 Have a wonderful start into this new week by dreaming yourself away from everyday life!

Camping? Oh yes, I’m all for it. And the tents depicted here look big and idyllic… reminds me on summer camps a long time ago (via Shelter Co.)!

I love open-air cinemas, but this one – situated in a backyard – looks especially adorable, cozy and chummy. I would really like to join the guys (via The Senses Five)!

What a beautiful botanical garden! It has to feel incredible to walk through it – the scent, the colours, the light (via Flickr)!

A hut in the woods. Nothing around you but nature and its sounds of the night. Inside it’s cozy and safe… yes indeed, that would be what I call a perfect place for me (via instagram).

Is it a tent? Is it a hut? I really don’t know, but it looks like the most adorable bedroom in the world. Imagine all the light that has to illuminate the room in the morning (via Flickr)!

This is the garden of Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin and with its idyllic, familiar and rustic atmosphere it is one of many perfect places I know in my native town. The building itself is an old ball house in which you still can dance in the evenings and nights. By day it’s a restaurant, where you can refresh yourself after long shopping trips through the city (At least that’s what I did before I went there the last times!). I never made it there in the evening – but will totally do this in the near future (via Flickr)!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

5 Kommentare zu „Perfect Places Pt. 3 … Summer Edition!“

  1. Both the tents and the hut in the woods would be my favourite! I can imagine being somewhere in norway with a group of friends having a barbecue or sitting around a bonfire after a warm summer’s day.. the hut in the woods reminds me of a place i went on holidays once with a group of friends. We were in Denmark, somewhere in the middle of nowhere because it was out of the main season and this tiny town seemed completely abandoned.. it’s really nice sometimes to be faced with yourself or your friends without anyone around and any technological stuff.. really relaxing!

  2. The only thing i could think staring at the pics is: i want to be there.
    All these places look soo gorgeous and i hope that i will visit the last place regularly next year. 🙂
    lets find out where these places (the tents in the first pic and the hut) are and go there for a holiday, only the three of us. a little bit like old times only protracted from a few hours every saturday to a few days.

    1. I’m IN, I’m IN, I’m sooo IN! And I will share even the tiniest tent with you two if it would allow us to spent a few days together 🙂 Big hugs from the North Sea and WHV!

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