Eco Fashion

Sustainability plays a big role in my life. Not only am I dealing with it in a professional way in my job, but I at least try to behave as much conscious as is possible in my private life as well. Nevertheless, I don’t see myself as an eco-person (or like it’s often called in Germany: „Ökotante“). All I’m trying to do is to ask where and how the products I consume are produced or if there are existing easy ways to archive a small advantage for my environment. Don’t get me wrong: That doesn’t mean, I don’t buy in high street shops. I completely do that. In fact, I buy there most of my stuff – it’s always a decision between ecologic – economic – and (sure!) design.

For today’s post, I gave my best to find some garments, which fulfill all three check boxes. The main problem I discovered soon was not primarily the price (…which I expected). Yes, eco fashion is slightly more expensive than its non-eco variants, but it also has to offer the customer more. The much bigger problem was to find shops selling eco fashion (Here, I highly recommend all Germans the Avocado Website) that is actually wearable in a way we are used to. Finally, I was able to find some outfits that tick the three boxes. But I hope that there will be more variety in the future…

Skirt by H&M.

Top by Komodo via Avocado Shop.

Dress by Ken Panda via Avocado Shop.

Shorts & Top by H&M.

Shirt by Nudie via Asos.

Dress by American Apparel.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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