My favorite drink: Green Power!

Picture by Franzi.

This drink I have to prepare for myself everytime I’m in desprate need for a little treat. Okay I admit it, sometimes I drink it more than once a week. But what can you say against a velvet, thick, refreshing and satisfying glass of green power? I can find nothing bad about it. And here comes the recipe for you and your own cravings for something delicious:


Mix the flesh of one avocado, 1 cup of crushed ice and 1 cup of pear juice in a blender. Done. – I know, it is quite simple! Optional, you may also add vanilla extract.


3 Kommentare zu „My favorite drink: Green Power!“

      1. I’m still working on it. Used nectar instead of juice (couldn’t get no juice) and some real vanilla. It sure is a quite healthy refreshing drink and my parents loved it 😉

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