A new decade + what’s important to me…

Picture by Franzi

From Thursday on I will not be in my twenties anymore…. And so many of you are asking: Will you have a big party? How will you celebrate? Are you already nervous? Nope, I’m not nervous (yet), and there will be no party this time. Celebrate? Dunno. All I know is that I will join these next days with people who are important to me – Friends and family. Because, no matter where I was during the last decade, no matter what happened, where I made presumably stupid choices or really good ones, those were the people I could count of. And I strongly believe that there cannot be anything more fulfilling in life than to be surrounded by the people you love and who love you back. Thus, when I turn 30, I will not evaluate my life, my current situation or make big plans for the next decade. Instead, I will just enjoy the most precious thing I can imagine – time with my friends and family. And hey, isn’t 30 the new 20 in modern times, anyway?

And three more things I would like to share with you…

…this little dude. These pics made me laugh so hard, I think the whole street heard me. What the hell is he doing in the left picture???

… Something I thought lately when I was with one of these special persons you just cannot let go. And that’s for good.

…a very personal song, just because it’s a very personal post: K’s Choice – Not an Addict.

P.S. You might have guessed it, but there are more personal posts coming up this week….

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