Pumpkin time

I know, I know… Halloween is over. Nevertheless, pumpkins are the perfect fall vegetables: Colourful, easy to store and prepare, multitasking AND delicious.

Here are my current three favourites:

Swedish pasta salat: I found the recipe on a postcard, but if you use tagliatelle and crawfish instead of smoked salmon it’s the same like this recipe.

Pumpkin bread:

Pumpkin-onion tart

All credits after clicking the links. Upper two pics by Franzi.


2 Kommentare zu „Pumpkin time“

  1. Same as yesterday and I was asked to do so: check your spelling, little sis. You definitely need that plugin I told you about, otherwise your currEnt colourfuL pumPkin article will be hard to read.

    – Your little bro-spelling-checker
    PS: I remember the second picture. 😉

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