Hamburg: There’s Even More!

HamburgPic by Franzi.

Last weekend, I visited some friends in my beloved Hamburg. It is really a phenomenal city. Despite the fact that I already made a city guide for Hamburg, I realized that some new discoveries and one old spots of mine are missing there. So, I would like you to know that there is even more to experience…

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week, full of blue skies and sunrays!

RoatanPic by Dania.

Caribbean  restaurant Roatan My regulars‘ table ate there last week (unfortunately without me – in a few months I will join you guys again!)  and was excited! The cocktails there seem to be fantastic!

Eier Carl A new discovery of the last weekend. This restaurant has a loooong history – and a menu full with egg dishes and delicious home-made advocaat!

Soul Flavour Near the flat of my Hamburg friend Dania: Looks unspectacular from the outside, but the staff is incredible friendly and the food fantastic. They even prepared the cabbage for this year’s cabbage tour and it tasted like the one from my grandma’s kitchen!

Brücke 10 I ate there only once and it was very good. During the last days I heart several times that it is the best place to eat fish sandwiches in Hamburg.

Michelle Records The best vinyl store in town: A place I can not resist to go.

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3 Kommentare zu „Hamburg: There’s Even More!“

  1. Woooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,Michelle Records!Den gibt’s echt immer noch?!
    Wow,Michelle Records !!! Den gibt’s immer noch!?Phantastisch,was hab ich dort Mitte der 80er für schöne Stunden(viele!) verbracht und Scheiben gefunden,die es nirgendwo sonst gab.Vinyl !Jaja,those were the days….Existiert wohl Harry’s Hafenbazar noch?Mit Abstand das Abgefahrenste und Skurrilste,was ich damals in HH entdeckt habe.

    1. Ja, Michelle Records gibt es noch und ist immer noch eine Platten-Fundgrube :)! Freut mich, dass ich damit so schöne Erinnerungen geweckt habe. Hamburg in den 80ern muss toll gewesen sein!

  2. Stop !
    Gerade fällt mir noch ein Laden ein: „Unterm Durchscnitt“.So einen wahnsinnigen Underground-shop hab ich nie wieder gesehen(nein erlebt!).Allein die Besitzer waren schon den Besuch wert.Bands(z.B. Gang of Four) kamen nach ihrem Gig in der Markthalle in diesen winzigen Kellerladen und signierten ganz locker Bootleg.LPs….mannomann,da war richtig was los.

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