Spring Activities!

Pic by Franzi.

Those last few days were incredible sunny in Hamburg! I love the clear blue sky above my head as well as the intensive warmth of the bright spring-sun on my skin. The singing of the birds, the bloomy smell in the air. (Oh, and hello hay-fever… Nobody missed YOU.)
What do you plan to do during this new season? Here comes my list with ideas to enjoy springtime even a bit more:

Go to the farmers market and buy a fresh bouquet of flowers for your flat.

Create your own herb garden by planting basil, thyme and parsley on your windowsill.

Make a stroll through your city and get to know the old streets new (we love to walk through Hamburg using this guide).

Make plans for you summer vacations.

Eat more colorful salads.

Have the first BBQ this year.

Make your bicycle fit for the new season.

Take out your spring & summer wardrobe and store away all those thick sweaters, coats and heavy boots.

Create your personal spring playlist 2017 on Spotify and listen to it in the morning while enjoying your first cup of coffee.

(Re-) start a new or old sport. Running, anybody?

Eat ice-cream!

I wish you a wonderful spring week! Enjoy the sun and all those crazy-happy feelings coming with it :)!

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Have a Beautiful Weekend!

imagePrinzenbar Hamburg. Pic by Franzi.

No time today for a ‘real’ blog post. But at least I would like to wish you a good start into your weekend! From Monday on I will be in Berlin at the re:publica …I will keep you up-to-date via SnapChat (@mysocalledluck ;))!

I wish you a beautiful weekend. Have a wonderful one!

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Alone Time!

Alone TimePicture Credit

I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person. Oscar Wilde

During the last seven days, people asked me a number of interesting questions – each of them worth a little consideration. The one question that struck me the most – simply because it’s a question that played a big role in my own life the past months and years – was the following: “How do you spend your time alone?”. It was asked by a friend who had to stay home for several days due to a severe cold. I immediately had some answers: I cook, or listen to some vinyl records or read or go running or sleep or do some gardening or watch series or play clarinet or … I appreciate to have time for myself.

As a kid, I loved to play alone in my room. I made up my own fantasy world when I played with Lego or -sometimes- with my dolls. Later, I could hang out for hours on my bed or on the lawn reading a good book. Again, I was captivated by another world and I didn’t care about the time or when I spoke the last time with another person. Then I was in a long-term relationship and after a few years that you spent together nearly every day, every weekend alone appeared like a special treat – a few hours to do whatever one liked to do. Solitude was never a problem. It was very welcome in my life and I always knew that a few hours alone with myself from time to time are a prerequisite for my happiness.

But then something changed: As a fresh single girl I suddenly was afraid of being alone with myself. First, because I was frightened to be brooding to much over the break-up and later I was frightend to feel lonely. Looking back, this is quite ironic, because I think this is the phase of my life where I was nearly never alone. I planned each day, I scheduled appointment after appointment. I networked, I went out to every social event possible, I traveled … a lot. I can understand anybody who claims having problems to be alone with himself. I spoke a lot about this problem with friends and family and the only thing I am able to say for sure is that everybody needs to be alone sometimes to get to know again the person he or she really is.

The problem after my long relationship was not that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just forgot who I really was – maybe I just hadn’t enough time with myself the years before. I had to get to know myself again and to learn what I actually want to do with myself. This process took some time, but at a certain point I was just exhausted by my super-active life. I don’t regret this scheduled months – this time showed me that I need much more culture and traveling in my life than I would ever thought. But in between these trips, nowadays I try to find time for solitude as well. After all, everyone needs to know who he is when no one’s watching!

I wish you all a fantastic week with enough time for yourself!

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Winter Actions!

Winter ActionsPic by Franzi.

I just realized last week that I still haven’t made a Winter Activity post. But one look outside is sufficient to see that I’m still in time. Still winter… not my favorite season, but yes it’s beautiful in it’s very own cold, often grey and sometimes white kind of way. So what can you do on a typical winter day? Yes, if you’re lucky enough to have some snow, you can go sleding or make a snowball fight or go for skiing/snowboarding or whatever. Unfortunately, most winter days are more wet and cold and not-so-white. What can you do on these days? Here comes my list with suggestions…

I wish you all a beautiful wintry week!

Drink a nice cup of tea, staring out in the cold landscape.

A handcrafts project: Knit a scarf, …

Have a cold winter walk and enjoy the feeling of coming back to your warm home.

Start to think about this year’s gardening plans. Order seeds, develop ideas!

Have candle light dinners with your best friends.

Spend a sunday in the sauna.

Bake cookies with friends – the flat smells cozy afterwards. And anyway, everyone deserves a cookie from time to time.

Declutter your home … go through your wardrobe and old magazine stacks – it’s fun and afterwards you are happy about so much more space!

Go out, have a run. The air is freezing, but it feels sensational!

Start a new puzzle! Yeah, I know it will occupy space for the next months, but it’s worth it.

Go to the video store, take at least three films with you and spend the whole night with popcorn on your sofa 🙂

Go to a yoga class.

Make yourself a wintry salad.

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Groups & Clubs!

Picture Credit

Are you a member of a club or of a group of friends who regularly meet each other to follow a mutual interest? I was always a big fan of clubs. During my adolescence I founded an environment as well as a detective club :). And until today,  I can’t decide for only one group/club – currently I’m a member of four  (no sports group included). It’s simply the best way to follow your interests, to share experiences or to improve your skills. And there are a lot of possibilities and ideas for clubs. Mmmh, maybe I should found one more?! Here comes my Top 10 of club and group ideas:

Book Club …Journal Club, Novel Club, Poetry Club, Non-Fiction Club.

Cooking/Baking Group …Perfect Dinner, Motto Dinner, Breakfast Club, BBQ Club (Yes, the whole year long!).

Movie/TV Series Club …The best idea I heard so far: Look what food is presented during the current episode and bring this food to watch the next one.

Handicraft Club …Knitting, DIYs, sewing.

Music Club …Sing or make a jam session together!

Game Club …skat, doppelkopf, chess, board games.

Regulars’ Table …Meet once a month and go somewhere in your city, no one of your group was ever before.

Gardening …Either share an allotment garden or look what the next gardening projects on your balconies/in your gardens are, then circle from one balcony to the next.

Language Club …Regulars’ table with mixed nations or with people who want to train/speak one specific language. Or a tandem.

Sports Club …Look out for jogging partners, people who would like to play  regularly beach volleyball/billiards/bowling/hiking/cycling.

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