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Are you a member of a club or of a group of friends who regularly meet each other to follow a mutual interest? I was always a big fan of clubs. During my adolescence I founded an environment as well as a detective club :). And until today,  I can’t decide for only one group/club – currently I’m a member of four  (no sports group included). It’s simply the best way to follow your interests, to share experiences or to improve your skills. And there are a lot of possibilities and ideas for clubs. Mmmh, maybe I should found one more?! Here comes my Top 10 of club and group ideas:

Book Club …Journal Club, Novel Club, Poetry Club, Non-Fiction Club.

Cooking/Baking Group …Perfect Dinner, Motto Dinner, Breakfast Club, BBQ Club (Yes, the whole year long!).

Movie/TV Series Club …The best idea I heard so far: Look what food is presented during the current episode and bring this food to watch the next one.

Handicraft Club …Knitting, DIYs, sewing.

Music Club …Sing or make a jam session together!

Game Club …skat, doppelkopf, chess, board games.

Regulars‘ Table …Meet once a month and go somewhere in your city, no one of your group was ever before.

Gardening …Either share an allotment garden or look what the next gardening projects on your balconies/in your gardens are, then circle from one balcony to the next.

Language Club …Regulars‘ table with mixed nations or with people who want to train/speak one specific language. Or a tandem.

Sports Club …Look out for jogging partners, people who would like to play  regularly beach volleyball/billiards/bowling/hiking/cycling.

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  1. yeah and I am part of the coolest ones!! Next week we’ll have Erdbeerdöner (I dont know what that is either..) and (unfortunately) potato fritters. Not so much looking forward to it! But the secco will be worth it 🙂

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