A Garden Wedding!

The beautiful wedding cake – with the names of the bride, the groom & their little daughter! All pics by Franzi.

Now we are definitely in the midst of this year’s wedding season! On Saturday Stephan and me were in Hesse at the beautiful garden wedding of his second cousin Simone and her groom Olli. It was such a wonderful feast with lots of inspirational ideas. Here are some impressions…

I wish you a wonderful fresh week! Have a lovely one!

I loved the table decoration: Collectors cups and saucers & wild flowers.

A candy bar!!!

In the night they lit a fire – and smoked salmon, which was later served as midnight dinner!

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Spring Awakening!

Spring1All pics by Franzi.

Yesterday, my garden-pal Joni and me spent the first day this year in our allotment garden. It was beautiful to be back in our own green oasis and to see the nature awakening right now. Snow drops, daffodils and hyacinths are still hiding between tufts of grass (we had to mow… and it’s only February!), but if one looks around more closely it becomes very clear that spring is not too far away anymore. Later, a bunch of friends came by and enjoyed this perfect garden day together with us. Now the batteries are refilled and I am ready for another exciting week!

I wish you a relaxed start into a week full of flowers & power! Okay, now I sound like a hippie… 🙂

Click to see the enlarged pictures!

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Summer Essentials!

Summer EssentialsI, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

Let’s get into the right summer mood at the beginning of this (hopefully) hot June week!  How are you spending your summer days? At a pool? At a beach? At music festivals? With BBQs and good friends in the park or on your balcony? Do you have a garden to relax while mowing your lawn 😉 ?  I hope, we will all do all of these activities – and with the right summer essentials they will be even more fun!

I wish you a wonderful new week – full of lazy summer hours!

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Summer in the City

Pic by Franzi

Ha, again a summer post! I’m being back in Berlin for a few days and the city is filled with tourists from all kinds of different countries. Everything feels like holidays. However, not everyone has the time and/or money to spend their free days abroad or at least somewhere else away from home. But honestly – is that a reason to not getting into a summer holiday mood at all?! I don’t think so! Here comes my list of ideas on how to spend a perfect summer in the city (…or village).

A picnic in the park.

Long BBQs with friends.

Go into the zoo (…and take some kids with you. Their enthusiasm is totally  infecting!).

Again: Open-air cinema on a warm summer night!

Spending a day on a lake.

A bike-trip into the urban hinterland.

On rainy days: Go to a museum!

A Cooking Party with a bunch of friends.

Gardening (and it doesn’t matter if you only have a few herbs on your window sill or a whole garden). Simply relaxing!

Go to a yoga class! Or go running. Or play beach volleyball with friends. Or just keep on moving.

Go to a concert.

Spend a whole day at your favorite coffee bar with a good book!

Buy a bunch of glossy magazines (or my secret favorites: comic books), search a nice green spot of lawn, lay down on a blanket and reeeelax!

Go to the farmers market, buy fresh fruits and prepare jam (and you will have summery memories even on a winter breakfast).

Bake a cake.

Get up early and take a swim in an outdoor pool.

Write postcards to your friends and family. It’s always nice to find something in your mail box. Even if it’s coming from your next door 🙂

Collect wild flowers from the wayside / field edges / a river bank.

…. Have a nice start into the next summery week everyone!

Perfect Places Pt. 3 … Summer Edition!

Perfect Places were never meant to be a series, but I just cannot withstand to dream myself away with all these beautiful locations and spots that are depicted around the web. Thus, here comes Part 3 – and I called it the Summer Edition, because after selecting my favorite pics for this post I realised that they all resemble the atmosphere of the hot months lying before us all!

 Have a wonderful start into this new week by dreaming yourself away from everyday life!

Camping? Oh yes, I’m all for it. And the tents depicted here look big and idyllic… reminds me on summer camps a long time ago (via Shelter Co.)!

I love open-air cinemas, but this one – situated in a backyard – looks especially adorable, cozy and chummy. I would really like to join the guys (via The Senses Five)!

What a beautiful botanical garden! It has to feel incredible to walk through it – the scent, the colours, the light (via Flickr)!

A hut in the woods. Nothing around you but nature and its sounds of the night. Inside it’s cozy and safe… yes indeed, that would be what I call a perfect place for me (via instagram).

Is it a tent? Is it a hut? I really don’t know, but it looks like the most adorable bedroom in the world. Imagine all the light that has to illuminate the room in the morning (via Flickr)!

This is the garden of Clärchens Ballhaus in Berlin and with its idyllic, familiar and rustic atmosphere it is one of many perfect places I know in my native town. The building itself is an old ball house in which you still can dance in the evenings and nights. By day it’s a restaurant, where you can refresh yourself after long shopping trips through the city (At least that’s what I did before I went there the last times!). I never made it there in the evening – but will totally do this in the near future (via Flickr)!

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Green dreams

I am still longing for warmer temperatures, but honestly even more for the reawakening of mother nature. That’s the reason why today’s special monday post is dedicated to inspiring plants and flower pics that make me at least dream of spring and summer. I can’t await to work in our allotment garden. It’s the first season I will spent there. So exciting!

Do you have a balcony/allotment/garden of your own? What will you plant this year?

String gardens are magical!

The photos of An Apple a Day make me wanna run to my next florist immediately! 1,2

The German magazine Bloom’s made me dreaming in the train about rose-water, succulents, beautiful flower arrangements and snowdrops (pics made by photographing the zine).

For me, the apartment and nature wraps of Justina Blakeney are just creative power bombs! Via Anthology.

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