Flower Paintings by Thomas Darnell!

Thomas DarnellAll pics from Thomas Darnell’s website.

Wow… this was the first thought I had when I saw the flower paintings by artist Thomas Darnell. I can’t exactly say what makes these pictures so special for me. One point certainly is the huge dimension of the paintings … some of them are more than 2 m wide! Maybe it is the flower motive itself that I respond to so much …. those colorful nature structures depicted on a black background. Anyway, they are simply beautiful!

I wish you a perfect late-summer weekend – with lots of flowers around you!

220 x 160 peonies 15 Sunflower I 91 x 122 13. Peonies 195 x 114cm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2 Peonies II 120x120All pics taken from Thomas Darnell’s website. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details!

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