Book-Sculptures by Su Blackwell

Pandora opens Box, 2009.

I love it when I’m able to present you something that fits as perfectly in my Arts and Books category as the work of British artist Su Blackwell. Her three-dimensional dioramas, created by cutting-out images from old books, are the perfect symbiosis of both, the book and the art world. Long forgotten literature turns into new visual sensations, often depicting fairy-tale scenarios, which themselves are again telling their very own story.  One more fact I like about Su Blackwell is that she reads her books before she starts to use them for her creations. Book-sculptures… what a stunning  and wonderful idea!

 Have a magical weekend, everyone!

Wild Flowers, 2006.

Wuthering Heights, 2010.

The Orion Express, 2011.

The last Unicorn, 2012.

The Baron in the Trees, 2011.

All pics original from Su Blachwell’s website.

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