Fail Safe Recipe: Simple Vanilla Cake

Photo by Franzi

This Vanilla Cake recipe I found two years ago in one of my beloved Easy Living issues. Since then, the recipe never let me down. I guess, I already prepared it a hundred times and on every possible occasion. It’s not only incredible simple and is possible to do with even a tight schedule, but you also need only a very limited set of ingredients that in most households are around anyway. So, have fun with baking it for your next sunday afternoon tea/friend’s birthday/housewarming party/mother’s day… or just because it is tasty :).

Do you have any fail safe recipes? I’m curious to know what they are. Please tell me!

BTW: Happy B-day, S.!

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4 thoughts on “Fail Safe Recipe: Simple Vanilla Cake

  • My fail-safe recipe number one (although for different occasions): Spaghetti with ketchup. 😉 My fail-safe number one for parties: a simple strawberry tart with pudding. Also very easy to do, especially with an already made bottom.

  • Your comment really made my day yesterday, little bro! My belly still hurts from laughing out loud 😀 – spaghetti with ketchup… too funny!

  • Danke, dass du diesen speziellen Tag mit mir gefeiert hast. 🙂 Und auch ich fand das Notfall-Rezept deines Bruders super! Tja, Männer können wohl doch kochen 😉

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