Art idol: Man Ray

I told you before that I don’t have many idols when it is about music. Talking about Art, the contrary is the case. I am smitten by a bunch of graphic designers, fascinated by not just a few painters and please, don’t let me start with photographers… Or maybe it is time to start now.

Man Ray (1890-1967)! Oh, how I love his surrealistic – dadaistic pictures of 1920th girls. How I like it to stare at his rayographs with no idea how a photographer at this time was capable of producing something like that! And how I can laugh about the distinct irony in many of his creations. Oh yes, Man Ray you’re an idol for me!

More information: Wikipedia, MOMA, Man Ray Trust

Kiki Wearing Hat and Scarf of Gazelle Leather, 1924

Solarized Nude, 1932

Sleeping Woman, 1929

Torso, 1923

Jacqueline Goddard, 1930

Nancy Cunard, 1926

Rayograph, 1923-28

Rayograph, 1922

Mannequin with Cone and Sphere, 1926

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