Art idol: Man Ray

I told you before that I don’t have many idols when it is about music. Talking about Art, the contrary is the case. I am smitten by a bunch of graphic designers, fascinated by not just a few painters and please, don’t let me start with photographers… Or maybe it is time to start now.

Man Ray (1890-1967)! Oh, how I love his surrealistic – dadaistic pictures of 1920th girls. How I like it to stare at his rayographs with no idea how a photographer at this time was capable of producing something like that! And how I can laugh about the distinct irony in many of his creations. Oh yes, Man Ray you’re an idol for me!

Kiki Wearing Hat and Scarf of Gazelle Leather, 1924

Solarized Nude, 1932

Sleeping Woman, 1929Torso, 1923

Jacqueline Goddard, 1930

Nancy Cunard, 1926

Rayograph, 1923-28

Rayograph, 1922

Mannequin with Cone and Sphere, 1926


More information: Wikipedia, MOMA, Man Ray Trust.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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