January Favs

It is just the first month of the fresh year and already there are so many inspirational things to show you. Have fun!

I love Gotye’s song Somebody I used to now, but I have to admit I heart the original a bit too often during the last weeks. So, this Walk off the Earth version was really refreshing (thanks Isa for recommending it to me):

This bird made me laugh. (via For Me, For You)

A Mug for rabbit fans like me. (via one little red fox)

This print (…fits to the mug above).

An outfit I would love to wear (look at these tights!).

I adore Gemma Correll & Pugs. And now there’s this lovely temporary tattoo.

This quote says just the truth. (via A Cup Of Jo)

And last, but not least: This mini doc made me wanna go on a hiking tour by myself instantly (via Got A Girl Crush). It is about the gorgeous Klara Harden who made a 25 days long solo trip through Iceland. So inspiring!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

2 Kommentare zu „January Favs“

  1. The dress is really beautiful, I’d like to buy it. But as you know I’m not in luck with buying things via Internet… (today I’m wearing the turquoise skirt – just to test how it feels)

    1. I am also really into that dress (and the rest of the outfit)… And you know how it is with the internet: No risk, no fun/dress 😉 What do you think about the skirt at the end of the day?

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