Ink Art Pt. II

Wow, it’s always amazing which posts are the most famous among you. Until now, the number one on My so-called Luck remains Ink Art. I remember that it was not easy to find tattoos in the big jungle of the net back then, that I personally liked enough to share with you. Now, a few

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Pen & Ink

(The here often mentioned before) Wendy MacNaughton in collaboration with Isaac Fitzgerald launched a new blog last month, which I just have to share with you: Pen & Ink – Tattoos and the stories behind them. It is a collection of illustrated tattoos and the stories behind them. I simply love the revealed secrets behind

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Desirable Peacock Style

(Male) Peacocks are fascinating creatures. Spread out, their iridescent tail feathers take more than 60 percent of the bird’s total body length. The colorful „eye“ markings of blue, gold and red are used for mating rituals and females choose their partner depending on the size, colour and quality of the peacock’s feather train.1 Therefore, it’s

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