Outside the trees are in full bloom. Everything is becoming greener and greener and my mood is continuously rising. A shade of green inside my flat and in my wardrobe has certainly the same effect 🙂 ! I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you

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Spring Wardrobe!

I finished my shopping sabbatical last weekend: Since one year, I didn’t buy any garments (besides a winter coat). On Saturday I finally went into the shops and was a bit confused – all these people made me cringe. Nevertheless, I bought myself a nice skirt. Yeah! The shopping sabbatical may be over now, but

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Spring Fever!

Yesterday was the first sunny day since a few weeks.  I used this perfect weather for a stroll around the Rubbenbruchsee, a small lake here in Osnabrück. Amazing how many people had the same idea as me – resulting in crowded paths and full restaurants everywhere. Everyone seems to crave for sunlight these days. Unfortunately,

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