Spring Fever!

Yesterday was the first sunny day since a few weeks.  I used this perfect weather for a stroll around the Rubbenbruchsee, a small lake here in Osnabrück. Amazing how many people had the same idea as me – resulting in crowded paths and full restaurants everywhere. Everyone seems to crave for sunlight these days. Unfortunately, for today the forecast says it will be cloudy again. So, lets give spring a little reminder that it’s time to show up and bring us the sun and warm up our lives. To motivate the weather god a bit I prepared a small spring inspiration board. Maybe it will boost your springlike mood at the beginning of this new week and hopefully also those temperatures in front of our doors.

I wish you a warm start into a week full of bright days!

Bicycle tours, cute spring outfit by Esprit, Mango Tart, Lemon Sponge Cups, Tulips (!), Spring Fever.

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