Look of the Week!

Pic by Franzi. Another look of the week – a handmade summer dress combined with a warm wooly sweater and a cuddly scarf. For a slight feeling of summer during wet and grey autumn days :). Dress: DIY (alternative). Sweater: H&M old collection (new alternative). Scarf: Heirloom (new alternative). Have a beautiful day! Like always:

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Sustainable Shopping: Krochet Kids Intl.!

„We work with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world. Our program empowers women with the resources to rise above poverty. Forever. Empowered women transform their families, communities, and the developing world.“ Impact of Krochet Kids Intl. Upper Row: Long Sleeve – Headband – Bag. Lower Row: Shirt – Shirt

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Sustainable Presents!

Seed Balls – Romper Suit – Hammam Towel. Oxfam Donkey – Bracelet – Soulbottle. Here are just a few sustainable gift ideas for X-Mas. Something for your girlfriends, something for the gardening lover, something for the little dears and something for a good conscience. Have fun shopping! Like always: All credits appear after clicking the

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Armedangels – Armedangels – Grüne Erde. Marlowe Nature/HempAge – People Tree – People Tree. It’s getting colder. For the weekend they even predict sleet storms! So, it’s time to look out for some warm and cozy knits. Here are some examples I recently laid my eyes on :). Like always: All credits appear after clicking

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It’s Time: New Advent Calendar Ideas!

Activity Calendar by Mama.Pappa. Bubba. – For Travelers by let’s be creative! – The Stylish One by pattydoo Blog. Quote Calendar by Dawanda/theartofvariety – Tote Calendar by Dawanda/mydearlove – For Kids by Dawanda/Leni+Zeus. Wow, there we are again. Advent is coming closer: The X-Mas markets will opining soon and we really need to fill the

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Fall Wish List!

Do you feel this certain shift in the light outside right now? It’s not only the chill of the slight breeze, it’s the way colors are changing. Fall is arriving! And with the craving for wool cardigans, log fires and onion tarts I always wish myself a completely new (comfy) wardrobe. Here comes my current

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