Nut Cake!

Pic by Franzi. Happy Easter, everyone! How do you spend your free days? I am baking a lot of currant bread (…this year with gluten-free flour, which actually worked!) and a nut cake that reminds me on a cake my grandma often made. Have a wonderful time with your friends and family and here comes …

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Nut Roast!

Pic by Franzi. A vegetarian classic that works perfectly as Christmas dish! Recipe: Serves 5-6. Ingredients: 250 g mixed nuts, 100 g shallots (diced), 400 g minced tomatoes, 3 eggs, 150 g Gruyère cheese (grated), 1 TSp fresh thyme, 2 TSps fresh sage (minced), 1/2 TSp dried mint, 1 TSp yeast extract (dissolved in 1 …

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