William Fitzsimmons

Two years ago, I listened the first time to William Fitzsimmons‘ smooth singer-songwriter voice. It was his album The Sparrow and the Crow in which he dealt with the grief and sorrow after his divorce that got my attention. Obviously, its texts are a lot about the sadness and despair after a separation. I really …

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Blue Listening

Music defines me. I cannot live without it. It’s essential for me. BUT: If I’m suffering heartache, I can’t even stand to turn on the radio. Every song reminds me on something lost, makes me sad, brings me to tears. I miss my music these days. It’s like eating: I know I have to, but …

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Nada Surf

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest rock music fan ever (All the indie stuff excluded, naturally). But there are some rock bands out there, which have the potential to change this. One of such bands is Nada Surf, whose sound always gave me goosebumps. They just released their fresh album The stars are …

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First Aid Kit

With Lions Roar the two swedish sisters of First Aid Kit made such an exceptional wonderful album that not only the whole blogger world (and now also me) seems to write about them, but that I listen to it on permanently repeat modus. And the latter happens extremely seldom. In most cases, I only like …

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That’s the crazy song I hear momentary when I have to wake up. It gives me such a power boost! And the best: You can download it for free from the Santigold website! Singer and producer Santi White released her first album Santogold in 2008 and it was a HUGE success. Now the follow-up Master …

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Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie (or Elizabeth „Lizzy“ McChesney) released her debut EP „Self-taught Learner“ in 2009 and got my attention because of her Hot Chip Cover „Ready for the floor“ that was played on every dance floor I found myself back then. What makes her special among all those singer-songwriter ladies out there is her fresh and …

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St. Vincent

Because my time schedule is a bit tight right now, only a short post today. Singer-songwriter Annie Erin Clark, better known as St. Vincent, grabbed my attention already several times. But since her performance in the show Conan two weeks ago I’m officially her fan!