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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child // Harry Potter und das verwunschene Kind!

*** Enthält unbezahlte, unbeauftragte Werbung ***

Deutscher Titel: Harry Potter und das verwunschene Kind

Als großer Harry Potter Fan war ich ja etwas skeptisch, was den achten Teil der Reihe angeht: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ist eigentlich ein Theaterstück von Jack Thorne, basierend auf einer Geschichte von Joanne K. Rowling und John Tiffany.

Das dazu erschienene Buch ist das Skript des Stücks. Zu dieser ungewöhnlichen Darstellungsform kommt noch hinzu, das die Geschichte 19 Jahre später spielt: Harry und Ginny sind verheiratet und der jüngste ihrer drei Kinder, Albus Severus Potter, findet sowohl an der Berühmtheit seines Vater als auch an seinen Schulkameraden in Hogwarts wenig Gefallen. Nur mit Scorpius, dem Sohn von Draco Malfoy, verbindet ihn eine tiefe Freundschaft.

In seiner Rebellion gegen Harry setzt es sich Albus in den Kopf, Cedric Diggory zu retten – genau den Cedric, der vor vielen Jahren am Ende des Trimagischen Turniers von Lord Voldemort umgebracht worden ist. Albus überredet Scorpius, ihm dabei zu helfen. Natürlich hat das alles schreckliche Konsequenzen…

Tatsächlich hat mich das Buch wieder in die Welt von Hogwarts und Harry Potter zurücktransportiert. Ich mochte das Wiedersehen mit vielen alten Bekannten – selbst mit einigen vor langer Zeit verstorbenen. Es hat sich also doch gelohnt, das Buch zu lesen – es war ein kurzweiliger unterhaltsamer Zeitvertreib. Und ganz bestimmt schaue ich mir das Theaterstück an, wenn es endlich in Hamburg startet.

Ich wünsche Euch einen zauberhaften Start in die neue Woche :)!

Fall Quote!

we1The autumnal view from my window. All Pics by Franzi.

“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.” J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Last weekend I spent in Osnabrück and Bielefeld. Everything feels like autumn in the transition to winter right now. Even the clock change was already …and it’s getting dark at 5 am! Nevertheless, I love the autumnal light at this time of the year.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have an amazing one :)!


we3Halloween in Osnabrück!

we4Marshmallows broiled over the fire-pot!

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Those were the books of my 1990s!

I have to admit something: When I planned this 90s week, I had a lot of ideas for my five different categories. But in the end, none of them was used. Either I prepared something and it looked ugly (this happened for the Special Monday), or I realized that my idea was boring (Listen), or I suddenly discovered that the 90s differed a lot from my sugar-coated memories (Look), or a more intensive research revealed something a lot more interesting (Taste), or … a friend of mine had a much better idea, which was the case for today :). Actually I planned to post something about 90s fashion photography – I will never forget the pictures of the 15-year-old Kate Moss by photographer Corinne Day. But when I spoke about this week’s 90s topic with my pal Isa, she suggested to make something about the books we read back then. What a fabulous idea!

The 90s were the time of my adolescence…I started as an 8-year-old kid and with the new millennium I was, at least legally, an adult. I read A LOT during this whole period, but it all started with children books (and ended with Harry Potter)…

The book I adored the most as a kid was Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking – Pippi was a role model for every girl. Her independent way of life was fascinating and I would have killed for a pet like Mr. Nilsson! A must-read for every generation!

I clearly loved wild girly characters since the second book that really impressed me was Else Ury’s Nesthäckchen (unfortunately only one book of the series was published in English). This daughter of a doctor never behaved like it was expected by her parents – something that fits somehow to my own actions back then!

I devoured all the books of Magda Trott’s Pucki series (only available in German)! Again a stubborn, headstrong person, who went her own way. These books were already read by my grandmothers and I literally forget myself while being completely in Pucki’s world!

Vampires are not a new literally phenomenon! The Little Vampire by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg was the coolest dead friend I could have wished for as a kid! Rüdiger (vampire) and Anton (kid) experienced the wildest and funniest adventures together. I was a bit jealous of Anton…

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton were a series I was obsessed with! I still remember how I digged into the stories and forget everything around me. In fact I was so impressed, I actually founded my own detective club! Moreover, I just heard that the stories about the five friends solving one secret after the other currently are celebrating a big revival, even among my own generation (which is following their adventures via audio books).

And last but not least there was J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. I think that I don’t need to tell you anything about it. The only thing I would like to share with you about my favorite wizard is that this was the very first book I (voluntary) read in English. From then on, it somehow never stopped again…

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Pasta with Zucchini Sauce

Picture by Franzi.

Once upon time I spent a whole day with friends watching Harry Potter films (1-6) and eating pasta (I know this sounds crazy, but actually it was big fun!). This was the day I discovered this zucchini pasta sauce recipe: It was prepared and served by the host of our little sit-in. And she knew the recipe from the mother of a former boyfriend… I would say, the relationship was totally worth it. That’s how yummi I think this sauce is. Especially now, where you can find the most amazing looking zucchini at the farmers market!


1 big zucchini (cut in very thin slices), 250 ml cream, 1 small onion (minced), 4 sun-dried tomatoes (minced), red pepper, olive oil, salt, pepper


Heat olive oil in a big pot, add onions and gently roast them. Afterwards, add zucchini slices and roast them until they are tender and look shriveled. Add minced tomatoes and cream, let concentrate for a few minutes. Season with salt, pepper and red pepper. Serve with pasta.

Print Recipe HERE.


Thanks N. for sharing this delicious treat with me back then! XO!

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