Shout Out Louds!

In my opinion, the Swedish indie-pop band Shout Out Louds created the hymn of the year 2010. „You fall hard, I fall harder…“ That’s how 2010 felt for me … and I danced like hell to their song and when I saw them live back then I screamed from the top of my lungs „I …

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Fall Actions!

Pic by Franzi It’s incredible but with the beginning of September suddenly the air changes. Everything smells like dried leaves, somehow spicy. And without a warning it’s Fall! People change their outfits from super-short and airy to warm and comfy. Earthy colours appear everywhere around me. The sunlight produces these certain shades of autumnal atmosphere. …

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William Fitzsimmons

Two years ago, I listened the first time to William Fitzsimmons‘ smooth singer-songwriter voice. It was his album The Sparrow and the Crow in which he dealt with the grief and sorrow after his divorce that got my attention. Obviously, its texts are a lot about the sadness and despair after a separation. I really …

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