There’s a trend in photography I just realised when I revisited my bookmarks labeled „art“. Obviously, it is really fun to remake old photos, album covers (…ok, with CATS!) or paintings. I think it’s really inspirational. So, what should I recycle by photography? Give me your ideas – the best one I promise to realise …

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Paul Chiappe

Can you believe THESE are pencil drawings in an incredible tiny scale?! I just learned about Scottish artist Paul Chiappe from the jealous curator, an art blog I am totally addicted to.  

Elliott Erwitt

I stumbled over the work of advertising and documentary photographer Elliott Erwitt in an art museums book store and was immediately struck by the subtle meanings and irony in his pictures. Many of them made me laugh out loud and some are quite shocking in their honesty. You find a few impressions on his website. …

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Delirium by Lauren Oliver Since this category is named Arts and BOOKS, today I will present you one of the best books I read this year: Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I only realised on the book fair in Franfurt (where the german edition was advertised) that the book is destined for teens. Nevertheless, I really …

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Kate Powers

Actual, I intended yesterday a post about the Easy Living fashion editorial „Oh happy Day“ (October issue, see upper picture), but I changed my plans immediately, when I realised that these beautiful pictures were made by the same editorial and commercial photographer that is responsible for a range of fashion editorials, which really grabed my …

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