Real-Life Projects Pt. 2: JeongMee Yoon – The Pink and Blue Project

Gender Determinism1,2 is a topic that was not only very present in the media during the last couple of months but also a big field for discussions in my circle of friends. Moreover, I recently read two interesting posts1,2 about the question of how much toys are actually good for a child (Less than most parents would think!). Thus, you may imagine that the photographs of South Korean artist JeongMee Yoon literally made me gasp! For her Pink and Blue Project, she went into children’s playrooms and made pictures of boys‘ blue and girls‘ pink toys. Voilá, again a real-life project! – And one that is shocking and fascinating at the same time!

New York Times article about the project.

Cole, 2006

Jiwon, 2005

Seyoon, 2007

Jeeyoo, 2008

Ethan, 2006

Emily, 2005

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. Post idea via A Cup of Jo.

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  1. Oh gosh I didn’t have as many toys as they do and never all in one colour… does this mean I have a gender problem? Haha I don’t think so. Those picture really are impressive..!

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