*Sponsored Post & Lottery*: The Spice Box „Sinnesräuber“ & a Recipe for Baked Potatoes with Fenugreek & Radish Dip!

Grinding the fenugreek. All pics by Franzi.

I had the opportunity to test Sinnesräuber – a monthly box filled with three packages of surprise spices :). Here are my experiences with the box, plus a recipe I tried using fenugreek, plus a LOTTERY where you can win the April box and try it out yourself (for details on how to participate scroll to the end of the post).

The contents of my box:

One package of fennel seeds, one package of fenugreek and one package of Panch Phoron – a spice blend used in Bangladesh, Eastern India and Southern Nepal. It also included three recipes cards with ideas for using the spices and two cards with background information about the fennel seeds and the fenugreek.

I was positively surprised: I already had fennel seeds in my crowded spice cupboard (I’m a big fan of fennel tea). But there was no fenugreek and I didn’t even know about the Panch Phoron blend. So, two new spices! I also liked the small packaging that will suffice for 2-3 times of cooking and is perfect for experimenting with it.

The cards with the information about the spices were interesting and the suggested recipes sound easy and delicious.

Nevertheless, I tried I recipe with fenugreek I learned a loooong time ago in an Ayurveda cooking class:

Recipe for Baked Potatoes with fenugreek and radish dip: Serves 2-3.


500 g potatoes (washed and dried), 2 TSps fenugreek (grounded), 100 g grated cheese (I used Edam cheese), olive oil, salt, 1 bunch of radishes (grated), 400 g cream cheese, herbal salt.



Cut the clean potatoes into halves. Spread a baking tray with olive oil, salt and grounded fenugreek. Sit the potato halves face-down onto the tray. Sprinkle with more olive oil. Bake for app. 30 minutes at 220 °C. Then turn the potatoes around and top with grated cheese. Bake for another 10 minutes or until golden-brown.


Simply mix the grated radishes (I used a kitchen machine for the grinding) and the cream cheese until a smooth texture is reached. Season with the herbal salt.

Serve potatoes with the radish dip.


The box surprised me with a blend I didn’t know before and reminded me of a past experience (the Ayurveda cooking class). So, it brought not only some fresh tastes into my kitchen but was also a trip down memory lane. I think it would be a nice gift idea for a friend who loves cooking. Speaking of it ;)…


If you would like to win the April Sinnesräuber box, let me know in the comments below this post or comment or like this week’s Facebook post. The lottery ends Sunday noon (March 19, 2017).

Enjoy your week!

I got the Sinnesräuber Box for free. Nevertheless, I only stated my own opinions . I’m happy to answer all questions regarding blog corporations in a personal message.

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