New Year’s Resolution I: Relax More!

Pic by Franzi. Instagram @luckmysocalled.

It’s this week again… X-Mas is (nearly) over, the new year is already knocking on our doors and it’s time for my New Year’s resolutions 2017! Today the first one: Relax more. I know, I know: This one comes every year. And I am really bad in fulfilling it.

A good friend of mine wrote me yesterday that the series „Franzi on tour through Germany“ must have more episodes than the famous German soap opera Lindenstraße. Maybe he exaggerated a bit and the reason I am traveling this much is simply because I am still flexible (<- no kids) and most of my closest friends are living elsewhere. So, I promise that I will not stop traveling, but I will give myself more pauses – for my hobbies, yoga and just some me time.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have a relaxed one :)!

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