Those Golden Fall Days!

we1The autumnal campus of the university of Hamburg. All Pics by Franzi.

This was a golden fall weekend here in Hamburg. Okay, there was a lot of rain and icy wind as well but it’s always amazing to see the sun come through the heavy clouds at this time of the year. Nevertheless, I spent quite some time inside: On Friday we were at The Great Gatsby ballet show (which was ok but nothing more). Saturday I was at the Hamburger Gitarrenfestival to hear a friend of mine play on stage and yesterday I was happy to stay at home with my books and watch (like every Sunday) my favorite crime series Tatort :).

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have a golden one :)!

we2On the way to the ballet The Great Gatsby in the Mehr Theater.

we3The Chilehaus at night!

we4My pal Annika played with her guitar partner Janis at the Hamburger Gitarrenfestival!

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