Those Books I’ve Read: Ein Araber und ein Deutscher müssen reden // An Arab and a German have to speak by Hamed Abdel-Samad and Hans Rath!

buchPic by Franzi.

Ein Araber und ein Deutscher müssen reden is the current book we are reading in my literature club. The last book we were reading was about Muslims in Germany. This was extremely intresting but also not always easy to follow. That’s why we decided to read more about the topic Arabs/Muslims/Christians/Germany. Ein Araber und ein Deutscher müssen reden discusses the apparent problems and controversies in a much lighter way:

Hamed Abdel-Samad, an Egyptian political scientist and author living in Germany, and German author Hans Rath originally decided to write a book about the current situation in Germany and the relationship of Arabs and Germans. Via mailing each other questions and answers around this topic they tried to find a common base for their book. Since this never really happened, they finally decided to publish this mail communication. Their way to discuss with each other is respectful but full of humor. They take each other’s point of view serious but are also convinced by their own opinions. A fascinating and easy (!) read that gives a lot to think about!

I wish you a fun weekend! Have a wonderful one :)!

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