The Books I’ve Read: Sehnsucht ist ein Notfall // Desire is an Emergency by Sabine Heinrich!

bookPic by Franzi.

Sehnsucht ist ein Notfall (Desire is an Emergency) by Sabine Heinrich is one of the many books I read during my summer vacations. It’s the story of a young women between two guys – with one she has a several year-long relationship, that feels comfy but not very wild. The other guy is not only good-looking but also feels adventurous. Then there is her grandma that just decided to seperate from her grandpa. In between all this chaos, the two women decide to take a break and drive to Italy because the grandma never saw the sea. During their trip both women think about their lives and decisions. It’s a road-trip full of insights and adventures that made me think on my own belated grandma. A great read – not only on vacations!

I wish you a fun weekend! Have a wild one :)!

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