An Audio-Novela: Be My Match!

The German audio drama series Be My Match tells the story of the way to live and love as a single in Berlin. There’s online dating, the pressure to finish a PhD, shared apartments – and the sound of the big city. The unique feature of this audio experience is that all background sounds are real: The story was not produced in a studio but at the original scenes – in the streets of Berlin or in one its many cafés.

The topic of the drama series is simple: A radio presenter (Jan) is forced by his boss to do an online dating experiment where he only dates girls that doesn’t fit to him at all. That’s how he meets Sophie. In the beginning both can’t stand each other but then thy start to date on a weekly basis nonetheless…

It may be a simple story line but I listened to the first episode and was hooked. There are lots of moments where I am reminded on my (former) self or my palls in Berlin. Hilarious! …And then there’s one more thing that resonates with me: My own online dating experiment resulted actually in a relationship.

I wish you a fun weekend – have an entertaining one :)!

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