Bell Peppers filled with Mushrooms & Corn!

Bell PepperPic by Franzi.

Since two weeks I try to eliminate gluten from my meal plan. I have some ongoing problems with my skin and hope that a gluten-free life will help. Until now, I cannot tell you if it works out, but here is one delicious (gluten-free) meal I prepared myself last week: Bell peppers filled with corn, mushrooms and feta cheese!

Recipe: Serves 2-3.


3 bell peppers (cleaned), 200 g corn (tinned), 1 package minced tomatoes, 250 g mushrooms (cleaned and cut into pieces), 1 chopped onion, 1 package feta cheese, salt, pepper, 2 TblSps olive oil.


Cut the head of the bell peppers and discard the seeds. In a big pot, cook the bell peppers for app. 10 minutes in salted water. Drain the water and let the bell peppers cool down. Heat the oil and roast the chopped onions and the mushrooms for app. 5 minutes. Add corn and crumbled feta. Season with salt and pepper.

Fill the bell peppers with the mushroom-cheese-corn mixture. Put into an oven dish. Add the minced tomatoes (season with salt and pepper) to the dish and bake everything at 220 °C for 40-60 minutes.


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