The Books I’ver Read: Eine unbeliebte Frau // An Unpopular Woman by Nele Neuhaus

BookPic by Franzi.

I planed to read a Nele Neuhaus crime novel forever …there were just a lot more books on my to-read stack left ;). Finally I made it and read her first book of the ‚Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein‚ series Eine unbeliebte Frau (An unpopular Woman – unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available as an English edition).

The crime novel is the first book starring the two detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein living and working in the German countryside near Frankfurt (the area is called Taunus). The story is about the murder on the young woman Isabel. Soon the detective duo has to learn that she was quite unpopular, had affairs and played a foul game with nearly everyone around her. Moreover, there is her missing daughter Marie and the suicide of a famous prosecutor.

The book was an easy read during a long train ride for me. In my opinion, there doesn’t happen enough in the plot despite having at least three different lines of action. Nevertheless, it’s a nice start into a crime series and maybe I will also read the other episodes as well.

I wish you a fun weekend – have a thrilling one :)!

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