re:publica #rpTEN: Day II in Pictures!

rp2Welcome balloons! All pics by Franzi.

Tuesday was more relaxed than Monday at the #rpTEN. I met a few new people and some I already knew. I learned a great deal about Big Data, Generative Design, Instagram and many other things (more about it next Monday). Afterwards I was happy but  – surprise –  also exhausted. Here are some photo impressions.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

rp4I finally met Richard Gutjahr and he gave me these pretty & practical camera lids by!

rp5The so-called ‚ape mountain‘ for relaxing and – most important – charging electronic devices!

rp1A monstrous disco ball! In the evening, someone inside actually played an electronic guitar :)!

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2 Kommentare zu „re:publica #rpTEN: Day II in Pictures!“

  1. Hey sis,

    I just wonder why you don’t ask your little brother when it comes to „big data“ questions – as he is considered a subject-matter-expert for this by his company and currently employed as a data scientist/engineer for big data projects. 😀

    Just asking… 😛

    the little brother

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