A German Classic: Eggs in Mustard Sauce with Mashed Potatoes!

eggsPic by Franzi.

An easy German classic dish: Mashed potatoes plus hard-boiled eggs plus mustard sauce!

Recipe: Serves 1-2.

Ingredients: 2 hard-boiled eggs (peeled), app. 1kg potatoes (peeled), app. 250 ml milk, app. 500 ml vegetable stock, 2 TblSps butter, 2 TblSps flour, mustard, salt pepper.


Mashed Potatoes: Cook the potatoes for app. 25 minutes in salted water. Mash and gently add warm milk until the wanted consistence is reach. Season with salt.

Mustard sauce: Melt the butter, add the flour, roast for app. one minute. Gently add the vegetable stock while still stirring. Cook until the wanted consistence is reached. Season with mustard (app. 3 TblSps), salt and pepper.

Serve with eggs.


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