Darm mit Charme by Gulia Enders!

Darm mit CharmePic by Franzi.

I may be the last person in Germany who read Darm mit Charme (aka ‚charming intestines‘) by scientist Gulia Enders. Honestly, even my mother did it before me (after all, I read her used and highlighted copy). I just was not interested in a whole book about my intestines. But then I simply ran out of books during the X-Mas holidays while staying at my mum’s place. That’s how I finally ended reading the book. …And surprisingly it’s not only funny but also – even for a Biologist like myself – full of new insights! Moreover, I loved the illustrations by Gulia’s sister Gil. …Her pictures of microbes living inside us all, looking diverse and having some sort of party blew my mind!

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Have a charming one :)!

Here is Gulia at a Science Slam.

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