The First Advent Weekend in Osnabrück!

OS3Osnabrück’s Krahnstraße. All pics by Franzi.

Friday I took the train from Berlin to Osnabrück. There we celebrated Inka with a belated birthday breakfast, together with a lot of kids. It was a big (play time/) fun but in the end we were all pretty exhausted ;). Sunday (my little bro turned 30!!…) was a lot quieter – I met my pal Birte in a cosy coffee bar and took the train back home to Hamburg …and the first Advent weekend this year was over already.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. Have a fun one!

OS1Sunday was all about the kids!

OS2Sunday afternoon we made a quick walk to get some fresh air (and to calm down).

OS4Saturday I met my pal Birte in the comfy coffee bar Barösta.

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