A November Weekend in Hamburg!

HH4The Isebekkanal. All pics by Franzi.

The last days were as grey in Hamburg as one would expect it in November. Friday night I watched the soccer game in Paris… Those things that happened there were like the worst nightmare and I am shocked and sad. My thoughts are with the victims, their friends and families.

Nevertheless, there were also some bright moments on Saturday and Sunday: I went to a reading with the inspiring Miranda July and discovered the nice coffee bar Milch, near the Landungsbrücken. Now let’s look ahead to what the new week is offering us!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. Have a peaceful one!

HH2Near the city hall. View to the Alster.

HH3View to the other side. The sun is going down. What else?

HH1The coffee bar Milch.

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