Two Cookbooks from the Frankfurt Book Fair!

Here are two cookbooks I found on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. I already possess a not quite small collection of cookbooks, but I am always looking out for new recipe ideas. These two books looked pretty inspirational.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Cook something spectacular :)!
Frankfurt3The Silver Spoon Quick and Easy Italian Recipes

I browsed trough this book and instantly felt the need to cook. The recipes looked delicious, more or less easy to prepare and (most important) Italian! A must-have that’s already on my book wish list.

Frankfurt5From my kitchen to yours: My early journey by Sandra Djohan

This cookbook based on the life of Indonesian chef Sandra Djohan presents her go-to recipes combined with great photos. It doesn’t seem to be released yet, but since I already held it in my hands at the book fair and I also saw that it has already an ISBN number, it couldn’t take this long anymore.

All pics by Franzi.

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